One of my predictions for the future of digital was the rise of Realtime GeoMarketing. The use of “I know who you are, where you are and what you like” information in realtime to inform promotional campaigns perhaps also in realtime.

Louise King at Cogent Data Analytics and I have been swotting up on KML files. The files that can be opened in Google Earth and Maps to overlay customer data for visual, location based analysis.

It’s really very exciting and something we both believe our clients will want to do. One in particular is a major London attraction with data about regular, occasional and infrequent visitors. The data includes addresses which we will convert into Lat and Long coordinates and add to the database. We’ll then create KML files for each of the above 3 segments.

These KML files can then be opened in Google Earth as overlays along with other KML files to show signage to the venue as well as house price and family size data for example. Right down to street level, we expect to learn where the hotspots of regular attendance are so that this insight can inform future promotional campaigns even leaflet drops.

Case Study

Using the My Maps feature, broadcast station KPBS created a map providing real-time updates on the San Diego wildfires that received over two million views within a few days. See a video about this and here is the KML file to open in Google Earth.

Do you know of any other case studies in this area?


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Resources of time are finite and no one in sales or new business development can or should pursue every opportunity that presents itself. So how do you prioritize?

Here is my step by step guide to courageous opportunity prioritization.

The PDF is here

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This arrived today. Oh Dear! :

Hi Contact,

Hope you’re well.

I wanted to drop you a line to see how things are progressing for you at Vividlime Limited and perhaps schedule a time when we can catch up either by telephone or in person next week.

A few things have changed here at Emailmovers recently, most notably our business email address file volumes have increased to around 1.4 million business contacts with email and our tech guys launched our email appending service at Technology for Marketing – did you attend?

I am in and out the office next week but will try to touch base with you at some point, if however you need any counts or have any questions then drop me an email – if it just can’t wait then you can run a count online at then we can chat to firm up the costs.


P.S. are you going to eCommerce EXPO at Earl’s Court the week after next?

Account Manager

Emailmovers Limited

And it got worse:

This arrived later on: