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I posted a few years ago that Facebook would become the “operating system of the Internet” and it has. I should have bought those shares!

The tools are out there now that make it easy and affordable to deploy and monitor marketing campaigns across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ … sites that already have the attention and engagement of our target audiences.

So why go to the trouble and expense of designing a web site and attracting people to it when they are all living somewhere else online, increasingly on the move using the apps provided by those sites.

We’re about to launch a branded campaign for a client that will live entirely in socialmedialand. No website, no email marketing, no search marketing. But blogs, competitions, messages, videos, images, comments, posts and more, across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you were hunting elephants in the jungle and knew that they all congregated every day, at about 4pm at the water hole in the clearing, would you continue to struggle through the undergrowth to try and locate them at 10 in the morning? Of course not.


More and more brands are turning to Facebook (the operating system for social networking) and reaching and engaging with customers using their own Facebook pages. British Telecom, Virgin and Smirnoff to name but three.

But I’ve spotted a problem. It’s an all or nothing option.


Facebook takes a swing at LinkedIn: “With the launch of BranchOut, Facebook is giving LinkedIn a punch in the chops. BranchOut is an app that piggybacks on Facebook’s existing structure, just like Farmville and other independent add-ons. But BranchOut is no kiddie game – it’s all business.”

(Via HotelMarketing.com.)

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