In a varied career I have played the triangle at Carnegie Hall, toastmastered for British royalty and performed a very dangerous stunt on live TV for the launch of a Batman movie. Only one of the above was because the intended performer failed to turn up. Take your pick or ask me which!

I spend far too much time thinking about what other people think.  Not about me you understand, but about how their perceptions, opinions and brand preferences are formed and changed and how this understanding can be used to influence marketing and communications strategy for the good of the bottom line.

It has become something of an obsession, and it has now found it’s natural home in the world of digital marketing and communication, the art, science and lucky fluke of communicating effectively amidst falling attention spans and the rising pace of communication.

When not working at Vivid Lime or clearing up children’s toys, I can can be found searching for golf balls, screwing up betting slips or stalking Stephen Fry on Twitter.


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