More and more brands are turning to Facebook (the operating system for social networking) and reaching and engaging with customers using their own Facebook pages. British Telecom, Virgin and Smirnoff to name but three.

But I’ve spotted a problem. It’s an all or nothing option.

Lynx have a Facebook page and nearly 250k people like it. That means that those people are reminded about Lynx most every day. Nice. To play the Fallen Angel game with British Bombshell Kelly Brook you have to give Facebook (and Lynx presumably) access to some of your information. Choose not to and the process goes around in circles and you can’t play the game.

Here’s the thing. I love Kelly Brook and Lynx. I enjoy one of them every morning! Guess which. But I’m nervous of clogging up my FB newsfeed with even more updates and I don’t really understand what the ramifications are of allowing the requested access to my information.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to engage in some deeper way with Lynx. I just don’t want to go this far so soon in the relationship.

The problem is that it’s an all-or-nothing choice. Many people are presumably being preventing from deeper engagement because of that.

My brand preferences are analogue, not digital, so please give me some more choice here and I’ll happily engage.

I suspect that for every one person who allows that required access there will be 5 or more who don’t.

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