For the past 9 months Vivid Lime has been working with Vodafone (Global) to drive their marketing strategy for the Content Standards Team. This team are responsible for helping parents, teachers, schools and ultimately children understand the issues and educate and protect families from the possible dangers associated with technologies in the current and ever-changing digital landscape.

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Digital Parenting Magazine

From the beginning, our client Annie Mullins OBE, Vodafone’s Global Head of Content Standards, understood that for Vodafone to play a valued role to these audiences they would need to address the issues across all technologies, not just mobile. In addition, it was imperative to develop strategic relationships with other technology providers, teaching unions, government bodies and parenting experts to ensure the content is both credible and well informed.

At the center of the marketing strategy is The Vodafone Parents’ Guide website created for parents to allow them to understand the technology used by their children. The strategy to promote the website has and continues to be a multichannel affair in light of the varied audiences being targeted. Traditional channels include producing a fantastic ‘glossy’ magazine (over 100 pages) specifically to target Mothers with topical content provided by parenting experts, technology partners, children, parents and even grandparents. In addition, various forms of promotional material to support national and international events have been developed.

Across the online channels we have developed an interactive digital version of the magazine and are due to begin implementing a SEO strategy. We are also currently reviewing the site since it will form the primary destination for relevant parent information and will need to meet the changing content demands required of the site.

Within the first 2 weeks of launch the website has experienced a daily increase in unique visitors of up to 200%, there has been a rush of strategic partners wanting to join Vodafone parenting initiatives, the magazine is being reprinted to meet unexpected demand and our clients have also been commended for their initiative by the UK Home Office.

More recently still, we have had some great feedback from the City of London Police:

“The mag is really good, first time I have come across one that fits all type publication for what we deliver… Well done!

I would certainly like to distribute and use for every session that I run, also perhaps to get out to every school in the City.

We also run numerous crime reduction road shows in large white collar companies and family related info is always well received by both mums and dads.”