When I told friends that I was really enjoying working on marketing projects for major pharmaceutical companies, one friend thought I was delusional, some thought me severely lacking in verisimilitude and most thought I was at the very least, clearly lacking in intellectual ambition.

So it was with guilty pleasure that I spotted this news item. Embarrassing it may well be for the poor man in question and the manufacturer of the medication. Dull it certainly isn’t.


Parkinson’s medication turned man into sex-crazed transvestite | swns.com: “

Town councillor Pete Shepherd, 60, was given a new drug called Cabergoline by his GP after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

The pills relieved the symptoms of the debilitating illness but turned Pete into a high-living, violent, attention-seeking, sex-addicted gambler with delusions of grandeur.

He maxed-out 15 credit cards, exceeded two bank overdraft limits, ran up £400,000 debts and lost his wife, £50,000-a-year IT job and home.

Pete claims he was sent ’mad’ by the drugs which twisted his mind so badly he suffered ’compulsions’ which made him a sex-addicted gambler.

He received a conditional discharge at Hull Crown Court in November last year when a Judge accepted medication caused him to commit a £45,000 eBay fraud.

Cabergoline is a new form of drug called Dopamine Agent (DA) and can also be used to increase sex drive.

Peter, from Hull, Yorks., said: ’I started to develop a range of strange obsessions, compulsions and interests.

’I became obsessed with gambling, spending, sexual excess and various fetishes.

’I suffered from delusions of grandeur, exhibitionism, paranoia and hallucinations and became violent and suicidal.

’I was out day and night at racecourses, betting shops, casinos and brothels.

’I developed a transvestite tendency and spent tens of thousands of pounds on ladies’ clothing for myself.

’None of this high-living, gambling, hypersexuality, fetishism, violence or attention-seeking made any sense at the time.

’I knew I was behaving oddly but I was totally driven down these paths and unable to control the compulsions whatsoever.

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