I gave a presentation in May 2010 on “Search and Social Marketing” at the International Travel Insurance Conference in Brighton.

The powerpoint presentation is available here.

The International Travel Insurance Journal (www.itij.co.uk) covered the event and my presentation:

Mark Walmsley

Mark Walmsley speaking at ITIC

Mark’s presentation centered on how companies can use digital marketing, either through SEO or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, to increase their revenues.

The SEO can take place either on a page through the use of meta tags; through a website using keyword strategies, or offsite- i.e., inbound links to a company’s website from Facebook. Mark then moved on to more advanced SEO, which includes the use of videos and images on websites, as well as sales channels, all of which can contribute to appearing higher up the Google rankings following a general search.

Companies should be as open to Google as possible, continued Mark, putting plenty of information on their pages before a user is required to log in. A case study was presented to delegates that showed that after Columbus Direct used a more appropriate keyword strategy, the company’s sales volumes increased by 32 per cent in this channel.

PPC advertising has been shown to have a quicker effect on a company’s sales volume through adverts placed at the top of Google’s web pages after a search. Again, a case study was shown of the efficacy of such an approach, using Columbus Direct.

Mark then moved on to brand bidding and brand hijacking – brand bidding ‘describes the use of brands as keywords in PPC campaigns by affiliates, competitors, retailers, auction platforms and price comparison sites’, while brand hijacking ‘describes the use of brand owners’ exact ad copy in their PPC campaigns’. Hijacking is a problem, as Google’s policy on trademark infringement can only be investigated in certain countries leaving many countries to use such tactics. Mark offered delegates a few tricks of the trade for brand bidding, including geo-targeting or the addition of spaces in brand names.

For more information about the combined use of search and social, contact me at mark.walmsley@vividlime.com or on 020 7422 5502.