5 years ago I became an Aqualisa evangelist. I shall never buy another brand of shower and my experience of their customer service has prompted me to share my delight to this day and I know that a number of my friends have bought Aqualisa as a result.

The experience has taught me that it is possible to sell comparatively expensive products and services while spending less on advertising. But more importantly, I’ve learned about the power of word of mouth and that a complaining customer is an evangelist in waiting.

5 years ago we decided we needed a new shower at home. The old one was struggling. My wife and I paid a visit to the local bathroom store without any brand preference. We were shown a range of showers starting at £99 for a white plastic flimsy thing (Trinitron or something) and ending at £470 for a nice solid shiny chrome thing. (Aqualisa). We decided that a good quality shower was worth the investment and so we bought our first Aqualisa shower and arranged for a plumber to come and install it.

A few days later we had our new shower installed and it worked beautifully. Sadly the Aqualisa logo fell out of the temperature knob and slipped through the plug hole leaving an unsightly sunken screw head. I had saved the brochure in the bathroom cabinet so I called the customer service number on the back. As I was waiting for someone to take my call it occurred to me that my ‘contract’ was not with Aqualisa but with the bathroom supplier from whom we had bought the shower. Rather than hang up I thought I’d try Aqualisa direct.

A very pleasant customer service assistant called Cathy took my call. I explained what had happened and that I was happy to pay for a replacement logo given that I had lost it. She asked for my address and the make and model of the shower and said to leave it with her.

The next morning I found a jiffy bag on my doormat. In it was a replacement logo in a little plastic bag and a comps slip on which Cathy had written the following:

“Dear Mr Walmsley, please find enclosed a replacement logo for your shower. There is no charge. Regards, Cathy”

Somewhat impressed by the speedy response and the lack of any suggestion of a charge, I offered the logo up to the hole. Sadly it was the wrong size.

I decided to test Aqualisa’a email response speed and wrote to them explaining the situation. 3 hours later, I got a call back from Phil, also in customer services. He apologized, said that Cathy wasn’t yet fully aware of which logos work with which showers and to leave it with him.

In Part 2, what arrived the next day on my doormat?

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